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The kits

Embroider with me, simply and easily using the reticella technique


Embroidery kit with instructions, work patterns, fabric, yarn and needles

My kits are an extension of many hours spent enjoying Reticello embroidery. Many friends and students, while working on their embroidery, have persuaded me to think about individual projects, particularly cushions, table centres and cloths, but others too, which can be offered with suitable instructions to embroiderers who wish to try their hand straight away at something "precious".

The kits, in three languages (Italian, French and English), consist of

- a slim booklet which gives instructions, with diagrams and photos, on how to make a specific work;

- the fabric I recommend using (standard linen with 15 threads per cm, the same used in the models presented);

- thread which is compatible for this particular type of embroidery and fabric;

- needles (three: pointed, blunt and beaded: the least-known type of needle, but very important for drawing threads without damaging the base fabric).

The kits are available as a complete "package" (booklet, fabric, thread, needles) or just the instruction booklet. 

Embroider with Giuliana is a proposal of kits aimed to help those who wish to embroider reticello at different levels of difficulty, with reference to Vol.3, Il reticello; and are as follows:

- Kit n. 1: Red squares (easy)

- Kit n. 2: Blue rhombi (easy)

- Kit n. 3: Sampler (medium difficulty)

- Kit n. 4: Italian Garden (medium difficulty)

- Kit n. 5: Reticella flower (medium difficulty)

Can be ordered from 

The 5 kits contain working materials (fabric, 60 cm x 120 cm for cushion or 60 x 60 for the center-table; yarn and embroidery needles), but can also be requested only the instruction and diagrams booklet.

The cost of the kit n. 1, 2, 4, 5 - apart from postage - is
€ 42,00 if fabric of 60 x 120 cm;
€ 35,00 if fabric of 60 x 60 cm.
The only booklet costs is € 11,00.

There are also two other kits, to carry out projects of tablecloths: 

- Kit 6: White tablecloth

- Kit 7: Pink Tablecloth

These two kits are, however, devoid of needles and the fabric, which we can provide only after indication of the measurements and the color (the delivery of the material, in this case, is generally less than 15 days).
Even for kits 6 and 7 the cost of the booklet is € 11,00.

kit 1 - Panels in red
kit 2 - Rhombi in blue
kit 3 - Sampler
kit 4 - Italian garden
kit 5 - Reticella flower
kit 6 - The white tablecloths
kit 7 - The pink tablecloths

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