Vol. 11 – La tovaglia del vol. 4

This first 24 page volume La tovaglia del vol. 4, (published in three languages), which opens the series Gli appunti di Giuliana, sprung from an idea by Stefania Ghidoni in February 2023. Pupil of Giuliana from the outset, she had participated in the realization of certain embroideries that appeared in the first manuals, including this tablecloth. In a sense Stefania wanted to contribute to the memory of the work done in the weekly Thursday workshop. The ladies had embroidered this beautiful tablecloth, thus completing a series of lessons from Giuliana on hemstitching and drawn thread work.

From these courses also resulted the vol. 4, in which only a few photos of the tablecloth appeared, without explanation, for lack of space, as was Giuliana’s habit.

All necessary steps for efficient planning and execution of the work are illustrated here, as well as the ‘school of stitches’, which Giuliana included in all her manuals. She considered it an indispensable element allowing embroiderers to have all technical data necessary to carry out and finish the work efficiently.

The illustrated instructions 
which refer to a square tablecloth of approximately 165-170 cm made on linen with 12 threads per cm2 – can also be adapted to another use (tablecloths of different sizes, centerpiece, curtains, etc.) in case one prefers to try other types of work (as often suggested by Giuliana).

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