Vol. 10 – Hardanger: fiordaliso e altri fiori

Hardanger: fiordaliso and other flowers. After the Herbarium I wanted to try out Hardanger with the intention of adapting the flowers to this type of embroidery. Based on my previous samples I prepared a large-scale project and readjusted it with the help of Yolande, who embroidered it: that’s how the Fiordaliso was born, a sampler of 70 by 70 cm. Later, other works followed, sometimes smaller but all equally charming and embroidered with passion by some friends inspired by flowers, a kind of leitmotiv of our community of experienced embroiderers.

In the book I present, with appropriate diagrams, most of the stitches used in the Fiordaliso. Using photos I show the progressive steps of its realization, all accompanied by diagrams of the whole work.

The second part contains embroideries from other friends, illustrated by diagrams and images that may help to understand the projects and the possibilities of realization.

The book is intended for people who already know hardanger and who want to experiment, especially on the possibilities of adaptation to colours and rounded patterns.

This volume too, published in 2017, has two editions, one Italian-French and one Italian-English. This particular manual aims at those who already have a certain experience in Hardanger, and even more at those who are familiar with my path through the inside of reticello and the suggestions I developed in the earlier editions, more specifically in Herbarium. Nonetheless, I also wanted to present some projects less demanding than Fiordaliso.
hey may serve as designs for those wanting to try this technique on an easier base, without having for all that to abandon Fiordaliso, possibly using the adaptations and personal solutions I present.

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