Vol. 12 – Tre cuscini

The second volume of Gli appunti di Giuliana, presents and illustrates three cushions as indicated by its title. It was again edited by Stefania Ghidoni. The cushions were created at Giuliana’s school but have never been documented in any of her manuals. They are rather original works in terms of design and execution, even compared to other cushions illustrated by Giuliana in some of her books. Each has a characteristic appearance, but they are accessible to all embroiderers, without need of any particular specializations: all three can be embroidered as home decoration.

Let us add, however, one observation. Giuliana maintained and reiterated at every opportunity that embroiderers may always modify and adapt the provided instructions, depending on their inspiration and creativity. They can vary the shape, color or destination of the work they embroider, while following the basic indications offered by the volume.

The illustrated instructions

Once completed, the first two cushions measure 40×40 cm, the third 31×31 cm. The first is in blue, the second in yellow and the third in pink with strips of white fabric to complete it. Of course, the color of the fabric may, without any problem, be chosen according to one’s taste, given the wide variety of colors of cloth and threads presented on the market and in fairs today. The cushions have completely original patterns but are of medium difficulty, as intended and created by Giuliana in addition to the lessons given in her workshop.

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