Vol. 7 – Lenzuola, samplers a punto antico

With Lenzuola, sampler a Punto antico (Sheets, Samplers in Punto Antico), I partially continue the theme of reticello in colour which was discussed in Volume 5, as illustrated by the detailed instructions – with diagrams, scans and photos – for the pink sampler, which abounds in reticello and punto antico elements. Requests from many of my embroidering friends for instructions on embroidering sheets led me to feature in this volume the sheets created by two of my students for the 2009 Italia Invita Forum, which had the theme “the bottom drawer”.

The album also shows an alphabet in Gobelin stitch.
For those who wish to embroider sheets, the book also contains instructions for bottom sheets, both fitted and flat. The grid on p. 16-17 can also be used to make a lampshade or for other projects (as my students did with the sheets).

Published in May 2011, Volume 7, Lenzuola, sampler a Punto antico (Sheets, Samplers in Punto Antico) (76 pages) is also in album format, and is the first in the series “Sulle tracce del Filo” (“Following the Thread”). In the introduction I tell the reader about my adventures following my illness (2008-2009) and my recovery, which owed so much to my experiences abroad and my travels “in embroidery” (summer 2010), accompanied by some meaningful photos, before continuing with my Album di Tela.

The album features two pairs of sheets embroidered by two students, and a piece which forms the backdrop (in theme and technique) to a sampler made by a third, older, student for the first Italia Invita Forum in 2003 (on 15-thread linen, 60 x 60 cm), embroidered with pink thread: one of my early attempts to “apply colour and seek transparency, even with curls in double back stitch”.

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