vol. 6 – Punto antico in Veneto

Punto antico in Veneto was the fruit of a long and laborious gestation, due to the complexity of the research and the difficulty of the execution carried out with the School. Although in the first section of the book I illustrate a piece of embroidery which was highly acclaimed at the first Italia Invita Forum in 2003, but which I had never explained. The volume contains diagrams and instructions for several projects which combine punto antico with reticello.

The book can also be used as a source of inspiration for personal interpretations of the suggested patterns, not only as an instruction manual for reproducing the projects shown. At this level of skill and knowledge, every embroiderer is capable of doing her own thing, taking inspiration wherever she finds most useful.

Punto Antico in Veneto, with 72 pages, was first published in September 2009, in all three languages (Italian, French and English) and took the form of an album, to ensure ease of consultation of some of the larger diagrams of the projects illustrated. A second edition will be published, still in three languages, in March 2012.
In this book I illustrate the creation of a sampler which is the culmination of a research project I carried out with a group of highly skilled and motivated students, and embroidered by one of their number. I demonstrate step by step the main stitches and motifs she used, and give instructions, detailed diagrams and scans of various parts of the work (a table centre, 55 x 55 cm).

The book then looks at a sampler made by another student, this time a rectangular table centre, and finally a small tablecloth measuring 90 x 90 cm (white on white), a real gem which showcases the application of the School’s research into punto antico in the Veneto region.

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