Vol. 5 – Fior di reticello

Fior di Reticello, which continues the journey on this type of embroidery begun with vol. 3, offers an unpublished, more articulated documentation, also with applications of colors to the reticello. The choice of colour was a ‘gamble’ of mine in this volume, but since the first edition (2007) it has found considerable and numerous consensus, even abroad.

A particular example, explained in great detail with instructions, diagrams and photos – as is my habit -, consists of a sampler that later became a cushion, which my School had presented at the Forum of Italia Invita in 2005, in Rimini: in the project of this work I inserted, in large ‘windows’, more complex motifs and rather thin bars, which blend in with the workmanship, creating a lace effect.

As indicated in vol. 3, which is my basic reticello book, the possibilities of working on several levels and with elaborate and very refined motifs are even more numerous, here, if you know and follow the path that I indicate gradually: even here I always start from ‘easy’ proposals, as for bearings, to illustrate embroideries of greater complexity.

Fior di reticello, the fifth manual I published, comes out in first edition in May 2007, only in Italian, and in June 2008 it will have two editions: one in Italian-French and one in Italian-English. A second Italian-English edition was published in September 2010 and a third in 2019.
In summer 2023 a new edition is reprinted: the volume becomes unique for the three languages, Italian French English, with a renewed cover.

It initially includes a well-documented part of stitches and motifs taken from the Canvas Album, which are used to embroider the works illustrated later, which are more complex and articulated than those presented in vol. 3.
A large part of the book illustrates in detail the pillow of a good student. Another space is then dedicated to a centerpiece and finally to a sampler, which in particular develops the original research we were doing in those years on the color reticello, well documented in the final part and then widely consolidated in works that will appear in my subsequent volumes and that I have never abandoned.

Vol. 5 Fior di reticello, 68 pages – € 25,00

Single volume edition in Italian, French and English

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