Vol. 9 – Herbarium – fiori e colori a reticello

In this volume Herbarium, I collected some nonclassical reticello works developed over the last years with my embroidery school Filofilò, starting with ‘Miranda’s sampler’, published at the end of my manual no. 5, Fior di reticello, in 2007.

My basic idea was to ‘abandon the schemes’ and thus create an embroidery that would free the motifs from their rigidity, making them more real, more alive, and even moving.

Still enjoying as much classic reticello, I’m tending to propagate and make discover the reticello in colour, as witnessed by this volume.
Once having mastered the secret of the movements, one is able to ‘play’ while exploiting imagination and this new liberty.

So, it’s all about ‘flowers’ in this volume, lots of flowers I designed and carried out after this first experience: flowers that, indeed, may be different from those of the Fior di reticello, but whose execution method is largely similar; flowers that also perfectly lend themselves to decorate house linen, a lampshade, curtains, etc., or even become small tableaux vivants.

In this very time-consuming volume (published in 2015 in two editions: ItalianFrench and Italian-English) I included some aquarelles to integrate the diagrams and photos. This resulted in a well illustrated volume of 80 pages, which helps the embroideress on her way to make indeed exacting, but on the whole not impossible needlework. The detailed instructions are the result of the classes and the long periods of an all-out effort with my students: they enabled me to present a fascinating variety of suggestions to work with.

Vol. 9 Herbarium, fiori e colori a reticello – € 28

Edition: Italian-French or Italian-English

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