Vol. 4 – Punti a giorno

My fourth book is designed to give instructions for a drawn thread sampler which I use in my hemstitch courses: this allows me to demonstrate a process which is fairly simple, but essential for the finishing off of any piece of embroidery (hems and corners). The manual covers various types of drawn thread work, needleweaving and wrapped stitch knotting, with diagrams and scans for reference, accompanied by the “School of Corners” section, a topic not to be underestimated for a successful outcome.

Punti a giorno (Decorative Hemstitch) can of course be used to finish any kind of work, but it can become a wonderful extra feature, bringing transparency to curtains, tablecloths or other items, because it combines so well with every technique.

The first edition of Volume 4, Punti a giorno (Decorative Hemstitch), came out in May 2007, in Italian only (partly because this book contains more text, and I wanted to stay within the 64 pages customary for the series). In April 2008 a second Italian edition was published, as well as versions in French and other in English. Finally, in 2010 a further revised and updated edition was printed in Italian, still with 64 pages.

In this volume I give instructions for withdrawing threads and embroidering drawn fabrics; as well as the usual School of Stitches, the School of Corners section provides the embroiderer with the basics for finishing off the corners of her work, so as not to leave empty squares.

Vol. 5 Punti a giorno – Jours – € 20

Two edition: Italian or in French-English

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