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da venerdì 22 a domenica 27 maggio 2020

Nel meraviglioso castello della Rovere di Vinovo parteciperemo alla 6a edizione di Fil Magici dove si potranno ammirare ricami, merletti,

Creattiva 2020 Bergamo Italy

Dal giovedì 5 a domenica 8 marzo 2020
dalle ore 9.30 alle 18.30
Fiera di Bergamo

Creattiva, la fiera delle arti manuali.
Una fiera che da spazio alla creatività dedicata agli appassionati di ricamo, arti manuali, hobbistica.

Herbarium, flowers and colors reticello

Herbarium, flowers and colors reticello is my last book, I will present in Paris at L'Aiguille en Fête, February 12 to 15/2015.
Will be distributed by mail from February 20, 2015.
You can book right now, writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Following the tracks of the thread

...but also deeper and more ancient feelings, like those I experience when I pause to think about the great importance for women of inventing embroidery. I think about the pain but also the patience, courage and desire to "fly" that our ancient grandmothers must have had when they started "making holes" in the fabric which they had often woven themselves, motivated by their desire to discover through them the transparencies and the nuances produced by the thread with which they tried to construct designs, patterns and decorations.

Sulle tracce del filo "Lenzuola e Sampler a Punto antico"

Filofilò – I libri di ricamo di Giuliana Buonpadre (di Vito Maistrello)
Via del Fortino, 8, 37138 Verona
P.IVA 04587620230 - CF: MSTVTI43D16M178K